Diddly Squat Farm Shop | Kodak Tri-X 400

September 7, 2020

While in the area, we visited Diddly Squat Farm Shop near Chipping Norton to see if Jeremy Clarkson (owner) was there, and as soon as we arrived, we spotted him talking to some people outside the shop. We were pleasantly surprised, as we enjoy watching his motoring TV shows. After a brief chat and a laugh with Jeremy about purchasing “a cold, refreshing, zesty drink!” from his shop, we went inside to buy some lunch (and a jar of bee juice!). The pasty and coffee were also great!).

For those interested, these photos were taken with the Ricoh FF-9 compact camera and expired Kodak Tri-X 400 black & white film.


It’s like proper old-fashioned lemonade – it’s really good!

Jeremy Clarkson

Thanks for looking!

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