ColorChecker | Kodak ColorPlus 200

September 8, 2020

For those interested in seeing how a particular film represents colour, here’s another photo of the ColorChecker, but this time taken with the Contax G2 rangefinder camera and 45mm lens on Kodak ColorPlus 200 colour 35mm film.

Obviously, the way the colours are expressed in film is dependent on the way the negative was scanned / processed. Here, the negative was scanned using the Minolta Scan Elite 5400 film scanner (a highly competent device that can extract all the detail from film) and VueScan. The file was saved as a 48-bit linear Tiff file.

The negative was then inverted (made positive) in Photoshop using a very simple method that I have found to work better than the various other methods I have tried before (i.e., it requires minimal post-processing). I shall reveal how in a future blog post.

For the time being, the photo above (taken in daylight) and below (taken indoors) is for illustration purposes only (because in the past I have found it useful to know how certain film stocks represent colours). No post-processing after the negative inversion was performed. In fact, the method I use requires very little tweaking afterwards (unlike some other PS actions I have used).

Thanks for looking!

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